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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome Back

Hi Everyone,

Remember When is back after a long hiatus and ready to create a more interesting blog for those interested in both vintage and artisan jewelry.
I've just discovered, and added to my website, the work of vitreous enamelist Anita Silverstein, 1940-2004, in a small selection of her enamel on copper face brooches. These small works of wearable art reflect an artist's off-center view of the world, similar to what's come to be known as Outsider Art.
Anita Silverstein was a well known enamelist using a variety of techniques. . She studied at The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1985 and refined her technique attending various workshops at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Miami University, and Kent State University and with such noted enamel artists as Bill Helwig, Jamie Benett, and Mel Someroski. She sold her work at a number of Fine Arts & Craft shows in the Cleveland area.
This is a great example of her work.

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